Santa Barbara Harbor                                             34.4036° N, 119.6936° W

Looking North

The Santa Barbara Marina is a short walk away from Downtown Santa Barbara, and a short drive up the mountains to the valley beyond.  

Looking West

Where your Santa Barbara Channel Adventure Begins.     Sailors, Cruisers, Tourists, Whalewatchers, Paddleboarders, all call Santa Barbara Harbor Home.    Stop in at our Maritime Museum.   Haul out at the Boat Yard.   Fix your boat here.     Home of the Coast Guard.   Under the watchful eye of our Harbor Patrol.   A Full Array of Talented Marine Businesses.   Check out the Pier.   Go to one of our Great Restaurants.     Santa Barbara Harbor.   Its On.    

Looking South

Across the Santa Barbara Channel there are 4 Islands:  Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel.    Many a day has the perfect winds for a 4 hour sail to these Pristine Uninhabited Islands. 

Looking East

Tucked under the Santa Ynez Mountain Range.   With one of the 10 best climates in the world.   Plenty of activities in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.   Local Breweries to Wine tasting.   World Class Hiking in Beautiful Canyons. Your Epic Adventure Awaits You.   

Approaching from the Sea

Look for the two hills to the West of the Harbor!

Pelican Anchorage

One of the most favorite anchorages on Santa Cruz Island is Pelican's.    Its close and well protected with good holding ground.   A great place to settle in for your first day at the Islands